Since the launch of Mac Mavericks both Gmail and exchange accounts are not working correctly in the native mail app client. Nothing can be more frustrating than turning on your Mac but only to find that it won't start up.

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You May Like: How to Transfer Music from i Phone Back to Mac Computer Mac OS X security by default does not allow all extensions to be installed.

If it is possible, reinstall the original memory or drive into the computer to find out if the behavior persists afterwards. If your mac still won't start up after trying each of these steps, you may need to visit an Apple Store.

So do not be surprised if the download is slow or even temporarily stops. And you can try to use a wired Ethernet connection that may fix most of the issues.

Can’t Add Find My Friends to Notification Center Direct to release a new operating system which run on the Apple server is always very large.

Can anyone tell me how to clear the cache in the Mail application on Snow Leopard?

I noticed that it was automatically backing up my gmail messages so it ended up caching 11GB of emails even though that's more than my account. For newer Retina Mac Book Pros and Mac Book Airs don't have Ethernet ports, try to get adapters that allow you to plug in an Ethernet cable into one of the Thunderbolt ports. Generally speaking, a hardwired connection is a lot more reliable than a wireless connection, so it's always best to opt for Ethernet whenever you can.Try searching for similar questions Browse our recent questions Browse our popular tags If you feel something is missing that should be here, contact us.[Last Updated on Nov.22, 2016] The new version of Mac OS X, the El Capitan will be released earlier than normal on this Sept. Reboot into the Recovery Drive by choosing the "Apple"menu and Restart, hold down the "command" "R" keys on the keyboard in boot and hold the keys until you see the Apple icon. Can't Miss: How to Clean Startup Disk on Mac If you can't send email, the first thing you should do is to verify that you have your email client configured properly. you should use one of the following: Ensure that the "Outgoing Mail Server" pop-up menu is not set to "None". Deselect the "Enable this account" check box for every account that appears in the Account Information tab. If you are experiencing problems with the sound output or input on your Mac computer, it's possible that you may need to modify your computer's sound settings, or update your Mac's operating system. On your Mac, click "Applications" and then select "Utilities". Open the "Audio MIDI Setup" application Click on the "Audio Devices" tab. Ensure that "Built-in Output" is selected next to the field labeled "Properties For". Navigate to the "Audio Output" section located in the bottom-right section of the window. Select "44100.0 Hz" from the drop-down menu next to "Format". This is temporary, but it will prevent you from holding the power button to force a restart.Many users are complaining about the sluggish and stutter experience of the El Capitan on their old model Macs. The reason for that can be due to a variety of issues, and having too much junk files like Internet caches, cookies, system or user cache files is one of the greatest causes.