Hardware failure: This usually happens when the hardware is damage also when there is burning components.

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Also if there is power failure you will be able to recover all your data.

This backup is programmed and won’t need any technician to be in the station it can be done remotely.

Audits are an important procedure when analyzing a computer.

Audits lets you see different information about your computer this includes software and hardware.

These policies should cover the following: Software acquisition and installation policy; Surveillance policies; Risk management; Budget setting All the computers and server has to be backed up every day because in the event of a disaster you can recover it.

This can be caused by a natural disaster such as flooding earthquake also there could be fire in the building.It sounds daunting, but it's really just a checklist. INTRODUCTION In this document I will be explaining different policies and guidelines that employee should follow within a company.If you don’t update your software you could be vulnerable to bugs or glitches especially freeware software can contain bugs and glitches.These bugs can allow hackers to easily access the user’s computer and cause damage to the system.The advantage of using this would be you can identify every person coming in the building it could be a thief by using a CCTV this will be good solid evidence of who did it, how and where what time of the day did that accident happened.