The optional cobra plugins unloads from memory after activation. So generally you need to mount game, use combo, run game.

updating ps3 from usb-56

Note: If a mounted game in cobra gives black screen after disabling cfw, try mounting as ISO.

= SPOOF CONSOLE ID (IDPS): If you want to spoof idps and psid, you need to the edit the file (see example).

READ BEFORE ASKING: 99% of the issues and questions placed from users during the past months were already answered in this document and/or the FAQ included in the distribution. = CFW DISABLE / REMOVE SYSCALLS You can execute the app directly after install.

THE OFFICIAL PSNPatch DISTRIBUTION AND SUPPORTING FORUM IS AT psnpatch releases & support thread @ The download link in psx-place is always pointing to sendspace. This will allow you to remove cfw syscalls and delete execution history.

In fact, You should avoid running any homebrew program AFTER disabling CFW.

Just mount the game backup you want BEFORE using PSNPATCH to disable cfw.

NOTE: If you are using the Psn Patch plug-in, just press L3 R3 R2 from the XMB.

An on-scree message will report the success and mode used for it. = INSTALLING RAPS AND EDATS: When PSNPATCH starts, it will search for the first valid user account (usually it will be '1', but it can be a different value).

Supports old, present and future firmware versions. It also deletes the boot history execution (hiding homebrew execution).

When cobra gets updated with its own blocker, psnpatch will detect and use it. ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " ----- " = SUMMARY: The major objective of psnpatch is to spoof the console Id and disable cfw syscalls extensions in order to make your system more "safe" to go into the psn. The optional cobra plug-ins unloads from memory after activation and controls PSN access. Optionally you can install a prx plug-in that runs in the background and do all the "spoofing" and CFW disabling from the xmb by means of a simple shortcut (read below).

If there were NO BEEPS it means that the CFW WAS NOT DISABLED!!!