On earlier releases of Puppy Linux, Puppy Unleashed was used to create Puppy ISO images.

updating puppy linux-54

Tahrpup is an official community edition (CE) of Puppy Linux, built from ubuntu 14.04 LTS trusty tahr packages, 3.14.20 kernel, this means it is a Upup.

This version's development has been lead by 666philb.

allowing the boot medium to be removed after the operating system has started.

Applications such as Abi Word, Gnumeric and MPlayer are included, along with a choice of lightweight web browsers and a utility for downloading other packages.

Puppy Linux's package manager, Puppy Package Manager, installs packages in PET (Puppy Enhanced Tarball) format by default but it also accepts packages from other distros (such as .deb, .rpm, .txz, and packages) or by using third-party tools to convert packages from other distros to PET packages.

Puppy Package Manager can also trim the software bloat of a package to reduce the disk space used.Puppy Linux includes the ability to use a normal persistent updating environment on a write-once multisession CD/DVD that does not require a rewritable disc; this is a unique feature that sets it apart from other Linux distributions. Since Puppy Linux fundamentally runs in RAM, any files and configurations made or changed in a session would disappear otherwise.This feature enables the user to either save the contents to a writable storage medium, or write the file system to the same CD containing Puppy, if "multisession" was used to create the booted CD and if the disc drive supports burning. It is also possible to save all files to an external hard drive, USB stick, or even a floppy disk instead of the root file system. Desktop with one of multiple integrated themes with XMMS a multimedia player, mt Paint a painting program for creating pixel art and manipulating digital photos and mplayer running, plus an opened text file under Puppy Linux 2.15 CE Viz (with default WM: Ice WM) Packages of the Ice WM desktop, Fluxbox and Enlightenment are also available via Puppy's Pet Get package (application) management system (see below).Applications were chosen that met various constraints, size in particular.Because one of the aims of the distribution is to be extremely easy to set up, there are many wizards that guide the user through a wide variety of common tasks.For newer systems, the USB keydrive version might be better (although if USB device booting is not directly supported in the BIOS, the Puppy floppy boot disk can be used to kick-start it).