If you try XBMC and don’t like it, that’s okay: you could set up Plex instead, or look into other options.Setting up a computer is a little more work than an out-of-the-box solution, but the advantages far outweigh the downsides.

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The change will allow Sprint to better monetize its 2.5GHz spectrum by selling usage-based plans and more expensive home wireless broadband service.

It’s the second major wireless technology shutdown organized by Sprint.

A computer hooked up to your TV gives you flexibility, even if the user interface isn’t always ideal.

Dedicated set top boxes are appliances, which is to say they’re not designed for you to upgrade or repair at home. That’s going to be tricky on an Apple TV, to say the least.

Have I persuaded you, or is there something great about dedicated media devices that I’m missing? I know that dedicated devices are better in some ways, including ease of use and price (if you’re comparing to a brand new PC).

But I believe the choice offered by an actual computer offsets this. Justin Pot is a technology journalist based in Portland, Oregon.

Hulu can’t block that without blocking all the browsers on Earth.

Any company producing a device specifically for streaming television needs to deal with media companies for content – and media companies, at the end of the day, prefer you pay for cable, instead of watching their content online for free.

A computer means you can watch whatever you want, because clever developers work hard to ensure these sites work with software like XBMC.

Even better: if that fails, the option of simply opening the browser is always present. Hulu, to use an American example, offers thousands of shows and movies online for free (with ads).

Don’t buy a smart TV and don’t mess around with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or any set-top box.