I agree with the suggestions to use a parameter query for this instead. Thanks in advance, Richard Paulicelli You can also convert your date string to yyyy-mm-dd format to avoid misinterpreting the date literal based on local.If you choose to link the upsized SQL Server table to your Access database, the Upsizing Wizard also adds the prefix "aaaaa" to the index name.

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If you do want to upsize these tables again, rename them before you run the Upsizing Wizard by removing the suffix "_local".

Top of section In this step, you select which table attributes to upsize to your SQL Server database.

I want to make it so that any changes they have made to the journal (editing the textbox fields) are also changed in the database when they click the update button. Open() Dim Date Picked As String = Date Time Picker1.

Value Dim cmd As Ole Db Command Dim str As String Try My Journal Title = Title Txt. Text str = "UPDATE Journals SET Journal Title='" & My Journal Title & "', Journal Text='" & My Journal Text & "' WHERE Journal Date=" & Date Picked cmd = New Ole Db Command(str, my Connection) cmd.

If you want to be able to update the data in your tables after upsizing them, make sure you add a unique index to each Access table before upsizing.

A trigger is a series of Transact-SQL statements associated with a SQL Server table.

At some point in the life of your Microsoft Office Access application, you might want to consider upsizing to it to a Microsoft SQL Server database to optimize performance, scalability, availability, security, reliability, and recoverability.

In this step, you select the Access tables that you want to upsize to the SQL Server database.

A linked table must have a unique index to be updateable in Access.

The Upsizing Wizard can upsize an existing unique index, but can't create one where none exists.

If you leave it as a date, the parameters will work and you will avoid all sorts of locale problems.