If you encounter any problems with multiple devices running, this means it may be time for a power supply upgrade.

If you would like to be precise, you can add up the total wattage the components of your PC require and compare that to the wattage rating of your power supply.

updating the bios for a new power supply-55

It could be dangerous to try and fix a problemed power supply and they are relatively inexpensive.

First, before you do anything else, turn of the power to the PC and remove the power cord.

..I have to flash the previous BIOS first or install it on top of the existing one?

My motherboard is an ASUS K8N paired to an Athlon 64 3000 I finished to build my first computer and found that the are two new BIOS for this motherboard.

You now have a power supply installed to meet your wattage and amperage requirements.

When purchasing a new power supply, focus more on getting a quality PSU with enough wattage to meet your power consumption needs.

To test your power supply, simply power on and use as many devices in your PC possible at the same time.

If everything works fine and no errors occur, your current power supply is fine.

One is a newer regular version and the other a BETA version (even newer one) but not supported by ASUS.

The original battery lasted several years, then failed to charge.

If the wattage your power supply provides is not enough or barely enough it would be safe to purchase and install a new power supply that can handle the wattage required.