I've used both archivemount and tarfs but it was for a long since decommissioned project and don't know their current state.

No need to run around willy nilly dropping registry entries, even for Logitech devices that could very well be fine otherwise. I only needed to insert the dongle long enough for the driver installation to occur (I normally use it with a different computer). Go to either your start up and search box or go to run Type in msconfig.

I just called Logitech corporate office and they helped me disable the file without uninstalling it which could disable other files on the computer. In the System Configuration window click on the start up tab.

The problem is the individual parts of the file are not compressed, the overall file internal headers and all is compressed and in order for other thing to extracti is as expected gzip has to be run over the whole data set.

There isn't a way to inject something in the middle of this without extracting it and rerunning the compression and rewriting the whole data file. However, you can add files to the end of an archive, even if they have the same path as a file already in the archive.

It may take a bit, as tar needs to reorganize the archive internally.

From the google searches I've done it seems to be part of logitech download assistant.

Hence my previous comment about it being the wrong solution conceptually. In that case, both copies of the file will be in the archive, and the file added later will override the earlier one.

The command to use for this is Which is probably not what you want to hear, since it means rewriting the entire archive twice over.

If it's not a very large archive, it might be better to untar the whole thing and then re-tar it after editing.

Alternately, you could use an uncompressed archive.

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