Play it, view it, and sync it to a portable device for enjoying on the go or even share with devices around your homeā€”all from one place.

Windows Media Player is one of the most recognised media centres in the world.

The new version of Windows Media Player allows users to flip and crop video and audio files.

If you're watching DVDs or video files through it, this is not an issue.

For music, it plays more or less any file and features an equalizer and playlist creation.

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Windows Media Player works with the Microsoft Windows Operating System and is not compatible with any other Operating System, most of which have their own proprietary media playing software.

Windows Media Player was created by passionate people ho loved music, film and combining the two.Windows Media Player has been going strong for many years now and its releases are well into double figures.The program is constantly being updated, patched and improved, as Microsoft are trying to stay ahead of the market, leading the way as best they can.Windows Media Player also lets users sync their media files with their mobile devices so that they can be enjoyed on the go. Download Windows Media Player / Windows Media Player download free / Media player 12 windows 7 / Wmp 12 / Window media player / Download media player / Media player 11 / Get Windows Media Player / What is Windows Media Player / Windows Media Player for Windows 8 / Windows Media Player software / How to install Windows Media Player / Windows Media Player review / Windows Media Player new / Windows Media Player full version Number of programs by Microsoft: 67 Popular programs: 1. Windows Media Player is noted for its complexity and its range of features, but at the same time it is also respected for its ease of use, and the fact that anyone can simply pick it up and master its controls in no time at all.