One way to deal with this to read an integer and see if the character following the successful read of an integer is a decimal point: As Thomas Matthews correctly pointed out, the problem isn't really limited to floating point numbers but anything with a prefix of digits followed by a non-space (and not EOF: the above solution would actually miss a valid integer at the very end of a file, i.e., not followed by anything, not even a newline).To only read integers followed by a space or at the end of a file, something like this would be in order: my approach works, yours doesn't.If it is all ok I wish to convert all the integer values to a String.

but i am entered the values in jsp form integer place string values entered that time 500 error is retrived.

how to write the Integer text boxes allow the strings the time does ... Humm..i can't seem to figure out what can be used for validating an integer value of 00, 01 ,02...(and so on) to 59 instead of 1 to 59?

@Iskar Jarak Obviously it's declared as an integer type, he's expecting this to fail when the input doesn't look like an integer.

The reason it doesn't is that the beginning of a float looks like an integer.

Have a look at the 'static int parse Int(String s) throws Number Format Exception' method in the Integer class.

It throws an exception when the String doesn't represent a valid int value. Hi all i have one bean that bean contains string and integer values setter and getter method i am writen the validations integer variables and string variables sucessfully.

Our objective with validation is as follows: We visited a large number of real pages to determine the sort of scenarios these components needed to be able to handle.

We wanted to dramatically reduce the amount of validation code needed for future applications.

The same happens with a float value, or with other simple types.

See this reference page for more details on the operator and the types it supports out of the box.

It reads the The input stream considers anything starting with a sign followed by at least one decimal digit to be a valid integer input.