This horoscope thing really hit the bell with my personality and mischievousness.

Also hit all the quirks of my girlfriend who is a tiger. I love her and I wonder if I had a kid with her this year during the fire monkey would it be a good idea? As the manager of John Hancock, in defense I'd like to say that those tactics referenced was coaching the underachievers up sorry if I didn't have time to stroke the big producing big kitty, but if tiger focused less on himself and more on others we'd all be better off! I am that monkey manager and clearly monkey and tiger see two different things when looking at the same thing.

So far four years we've been together, and we have a baby on the way.

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So I had to look up my partner's element, because I realized that other than him being a Leo Monkey, that's as far as I had looked. We're active and supportive, and it has been the best relationship of my life.

He does not manipulate me (or anyone in fact), he is straightforward, honest, warm and giving.

She is likely to claw you up if she catches you being interested in another woman!

The chemistry in the bedroom will be amazing, but it may not be worth it considering the amount of stress you will probably have if attempting this relationship. We are not competitive of each other, we have a lot in common on emotional levels.

He is my companion, faithful but love between us is long gone . Anyways, dating him made me feel as though I was being messed with just for fun.

I recently met a Fire Monkey and he keeps me laughing most of the time, which is nice but it gets me to wondering about his serious side at times, but I figured I won't be changing him any time soon, because it's not my job to. The way a Male monkey likes to mess with the female tiger drove me insane. I'm sure I was too serious but call me crazy for thinking that the first 6 months, he should be as legit as ever and then maybe after we've known each other better than we can toy with one another and not get butt hurt cause we know better.

I've been deeply depressed but I love this guy and hes the only person I'm attracted to except when I get turned off by his personality ( sometimes ) and he's the only person that makes me feel safe right now in my current state but I feel that we are really not compatible but when we do connect on some certain level I feel happy and glad. I am a water monkey, I lied about my age saying I was a dragon to a fire tiger I met 2 years ago.

I feel that he can help me achieve anything I want to, to love him and give my all also but when we don't I feel uncomfortable, hatred, and just negative thoughts. Initially after she found out she was furious by eventually got over it.

Unfortunately, clever Monkeys may assume that honest people are stupid because they do not manipulate others to get what they want.

As a Monkey, you must strive to understand that just because a person doesn't play the same crafty tricks as you does not mean she is not intelligent. Tigers can be all over the place, but no matter how they are acting or what they are doing, they are doing it 110%. When they want to succeed at something, or place first, they do. When they don't feel like something is right, they will fight it to the bitter end, even if the whole world is against them. They bounce back from every setback no matter how badly they've been hurt, and they dedicate themselves to their loved ones fiercely.

When a Tiger loves you, you will find yourself fulfilled in every way. It's hard to find people with more loyalty than Tigers.