refers to those icons next to the clock, an area known as the “System Tray”.The system tray shows you (some of) the programs running “in the background” on your PC.

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The alert trigger events include the following: These security concerns is relatively minor and can be safely dismissed, especially if the issue is purposely or intentionally done.

In this case, the WSC Alerts icon and message can be turned off so that the system no longer will trigger notification when a problem occurred.

I order to get the free update on your Windows computer however, you need to click on the ominous icon and begin the reservation process.

The process is fairly simple for getting your free copy of the Windows 10 update – simply give Microsoft your email address and your copy will be reserved.

At the moment we tell customers to do a reset after upgrade and create a recovery drive from control panel.

Have you ever "lost" a window because it was grouped with other windows in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen?

On July 29 when the update is ready for download, it will begin automatically updating your computer for you.

While many Windows users were thrilled to discover the software update would be given away free of charge – a feature Apple computer users have been enjoying for quite a while – still some are skeptical if an update, free or not, is something they actually want.

If you don't synchronize your system clock with a time server, your clock will most likely miss the real time for one or two hours, even if you set your time zone and everything correctly.

n Windows Vista and Windows XP, whenever user disable an important security setting, a Security Center Alert icon will be displayed on the notification area at the Taskbar (used to call system tray where the clock resides) with a warning message.

By selecting and deselecting the checkboxes you tell Windows how you want the taskbar to behave. Personally, I don’t like this feature, and would rather keep my eye on the clock than gain a half-inch or so of screen.