Additionally, React's JSX is now natively supported by the Type Script compiler and tooling.

This release also enables targeting Node v4's native implementations of ES6 features (--target ES6) while using Node native module system (--module commonjs), apart from an enhanced support for node module path resolution.

Also included in this release are several developer productivity improvements to .

It brings significant enhancements to Type Script's type system and enables support for the polymorphic type, intersection types, local type declarations, generic type aliasing, and user-defined type guard functions.

It also completes ES6 support in Type Script by adding ES6 Generators and ES6 Class expressions, and brings support for new ES7 feature proposals like ES7 Exponentiation operator and ES7 Async functions.

If there are many such containers, then as processes finish executing the tests within a container, they are handed the next available container.

Parallel Test Execution is enabled using the Max Cpu Count setting in the global section of the .runsettings file (as shown in the following screenshot).

Visual Studio: Developers using the Tools for Apache Cordova for the first time since RTM will find a richer development platform with support for i OS 9, the groundwork for Android 6 “Marshmallow”, a new plug-in for Azure AD authentication and dozens..hundreds of bug fixes to improve the developer experience.

We also have a new destination for samples, tutorials and documentation, at

Additionally, we've fixed bugs around formatting, unnecessary casting, Win Forms integration, crashing when searching for a class in the Solution Explorer, and go to def/MAS with "Use Tabs." And, we've made regions now auto-collapse upon first open.

We now support the following scenarios in the IDE for managing the technical debt that comes from code analysis: We've made several improvements to the Events tab of the Diagnostic Tools window to help you read through and understand its list of events even faster and more efficiently than before.

NET 5 Beta 8, we strongly encourage you to try the newly released ASP. NET 5 Beta 8 has the following features and updates: One of the great things about the localization libraries is that the keys for your localized strings are the values in the default culture.