| | For example: | | - Track the position only, use Tool Tip(1,"","","Xcaret Ycaret g TTM_TRACKPOSITION") | | - When X Y are empty (= display near mouse position) you can use TTM_UPDATE | | - Update text only, use Tool Tip(1,"text","","G1"). | | - Update title only, use Tool Tip(1,"","Title","G1") | | - Hide Tool Tip, use Tool Tip(1,"","","g TTM_POP") | | - To show Tool Tip again use Tool Tip(1,"","","g TTM_TRACKPOSITION. So a click will be forwarded to the window underneath Tool Tip | N | Do NOT activate Tool Tip (N1), To activate (show) call Tool Tip(1,"","","g TTM_TRACKACTIVATE") | O | Oval Tool Tip (Balloon Tip). | | - Reqiered to assign Tool Tip to controls and actions. | V | Visible: even when the parent window is not active, a control-Tool Tip will be shown | W | Wait time in seconds (max 30) before Tool Tip pops up when pointing on one of controls. TTM_UPDATE: ; Forces the current tool to be redrawn. 0x1000 : 0), TOOLINFO_%ID%,4), Numput(P, TOOLINFO_%ID%,8), Numput(P, TOOLINFO_%ID%,12) Gosub, TTM_ADDTOOL } TOOLLINK%ID%:=L Return TTN_LINKCLICK: Loop 4 m = *(text 8 A_Index-1) f2:: Gui, lastfound guihwnd := Win Exist() Gui, show, x0 y0 w100 h100, hellworld msgbox, % "gui exist?

What this mod does is replace the blue backdrop with a red one, in all the menus in W: A.

In addition, it changes the tooltip text color at the bottom of the screen, from teal to yellow, again in all the menus.

A_Index) gui,show Sleep, 3000 Tool Tip("Button1","hallo","","G1") Return WM_NOTIFY(w Param,l Param) Gui Close: Exit App | K | Font. Separate options with a period "." | | Valid options are bold,underline,italic,strikeout,s FONTSIZE,f FONTFACE| | Limitations: FONTFACE cannot include spaces| | Examples: Ks12.f Arial , Kbold.italic.f Verdana /* Tool Tip() by Hot Key It

t=40165 Syntax: Tool Tip(Number, Text, Title, Options) Return Value: Tool Tip returns h Wnd of the Tool Tip | Options can include any of following parameters separated by space | Option | Meaning | A | Aim Conrol Id or Class NN (Button1, Edit2, List Box1, Sys List View321...) | | - using this, Tool Tip will be shown when you point mouse on a control | | - D (delay) can be used to change how long Tool Tip is shown | | - W (wait) can wait for specified seconds before Tool Tip will be shown | | - Some controls like Static require a subroutine to have a Tool Tip!!! This option will determine how long Tool Tip should be shown.30 sec.

If you only need one info window at a time, you can create just one Info Window object and open it at different locations or markers upon map events, such as user clicks.

If you do need more than one info window, you can display multiple Info Window objects at the same time.

| - Other options, like Title, color and so on, will be valid globally */ Tool Tip(ID="", TEXT="", TITLE="", OPTIONS="") ;__________________________ Save TOOLINFO Structures _________________________ If P If !

I would like to display a tooltip at the top datapoint of a dataset in my chart.

| B F | Specify here the color for Tool Tip in 6-digit hexadecimal RGB code | | - B = Background color, F = Foreground color (text color) | | - this can be 0x00FF00 or 00FF00 or Blue, Lime, Black, White... is maximum | | - this option is also available when assigning the Tool Tip to a control. | | So if Text is to long it will be shown in several lines | S | Show at coordinates regardless of position.