Here are just a few of the things that may have crossed your mind while waiting for his text message response to light up your phone. What if he got a girlfriend in the last hour since we’ve texted? I knew the exclamation point was too enthusiastic; he totally thinks I’m in love with him now. Maybe I should post something flirty on another guy’s Facebook wall to make him jealous.

I bet he just wants to wait until the game is over so he can give our conversation his undivided attention. Did it freak him out that I texted him back right away? He probably has no idea I was using it ironically and he thinks I’m totally lame now.

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Maybe I should check his Facebook to see if he posted a status about losing his phone. What if he saw me wear my PJs to the dining hall yesterday morning and now he doesn’t think I’m cute anymore? Should I text someone else to make sure my phone is working? Maybe I’ll check and see if he’s tweeted at all since I texted him. He tweeted something about the basketball game on TV and yet still hasn’t texted me back. Why did I add a thumbs-up emoji to that last text?!

Maybe he saved me in his contacts as something like, “Blonde from party.” Should I tell him who this is?

I bet I’ll have a text from him by the time I’m done. I spent an extra 10 minutes in the shower shaving my legs and didn’t even look at my phone until after I blow-dried my hair, and he still hasn’t texted me back.

I should go to the gym or take a shower to distract myself.

The dating game, however, is so counter-intuitive that it’s absurd. Their ability to weave a basket underwater in record time, and then not brag about it? It’s worth it to contact someone you’re interested in, and then work hard for their affections. I texted a girl I met the other night (after waiting three days, of course), “Hey there, what’s up? I’m a bit OCD when it comes to grammar and spelling.

This might shock you a little bit, but I’m waiting to respond back to a text from a girl I’m interested in. With everything being so in our modern society, you might think it’s a good idea to respond to someone communicating with you as fast as possible. If you’re over 25, you probably understand the merits of face-to-face communication and the value of working hard for something that you want. The (Absurdly Detailed) Playbook Let me give you a real life scenario with breakdowns on key gameplay, that literally just happened. Let me tell you how out-of-the-ordinary this is for me.Go ahead and say, “that’s shallow and superficial,” and see what any average Joe or Jane (or Jamila) would say. Here’s the takeaway: They’ll be interested as long as you don’t come off as desperate.It’s human nature to notice these things first, and one of the reasons that I’m thankful for having eyes. Once you’ve gotten their attention, it’s time to show them how amazing you are. Is it possible for a guy to go four hours without charging his phone? Maybe his phone got stolen while he was on the bus. Maybe he decided to do one of those weeklong technology purges.