The original Oz Weather made it to #1 in the Australian app store - and this new version is way more advanced!NOTES: - This application contains weather data *only* for Australian locations.I suspect this will cover just about all possible weather-buff's needs.

Weather australia widget not updating video

Current weather shows a range of temperatures (actual, apparent, dew point, max & min), UV, wind, pressure and humidity.

Further past half-hourly data is available as tables or graphs.

Widget & Watch* Both widget and watch now have an option to either follow the main app location selection, or else stick to a "Home" location.

So you no longer need to keep remembering to go back to your usual location in the app to avoid the watch or widget unintentionally showing you weather from the other side of Australia.* The widget appearance is slightly improved by removing the unnecessary background frame.

It is offered to overseas users only for those who want to keep an eye on Australian weather.

- Your feedback is welcomed, and the application includes an email link on its About screen for that purpose ([email protected]) v3.0I'm very pleased to be able to bring you some nice app enhancements - don't worry though, nothing dramatic enough to make you uncomfortable at seeing an unfamiliar new interface!

And...* Quite a few minor tweaks that just seem too minor to bother mentioning here. :-)As always, after updating, if you are enjoying the app, please do leave or update an app store review.

Reviews for previous versions get a little buried whenever a new update comes out, and having a good average rating for this new version is very helpful in keeping app downloads up, which of course keeps me well-motivated to keep coming with yet more enhancements. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is an exceptionally informative weather app that includes pages for detailed weekly forecast, current weather and radar (range selectable) with most main Australia cities (and stations within the zone of major cities) available.

Adding Cities* When adding forecast cities using the map option, you'll see a much improved interface, where zooming in causes the available location markers to show the names of each location.