The purpose of HTML commands is to describe the desired layout and presentation of the document.

These commands are then interpreted and the result displayed to the user by a web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome (my preference) or Firefox - software which is easy to come by on any machine.

Or you can't remember who directed one of your favorite movies. This all means that if you have a business, you need to have an online presence so that new and old customers can find you easily.

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For example, if you look up you will see that the name servers are: Web documents are usually written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and are shown with the icon for your browser in "My Computer" or Windows "Explorer." The file type is either ".html" or ".htm" or sometimes just indicated as "web document." Dynamic documents, ones that contain programming so that they display different information depending on context, can be other types such as ".asp" or ".php".

We are not going to worry about those in this document.

So in standard english it would be the following: The user has only to point and click on elements which he want to change. It's on you to implement an basic authentication system so that only the Owner of the Page is allowed to edit and save Data.

This document has been created for the use of my clients to maintain the sites I have built for them.

One of the most exciting features of HTML is the ability to link a document to other documents, not just on your web site but on any computer in the World Wide Web.

These hypertext links are usually underlined and/or in blue on the page, although a modern style is to have them be a different color than the text without the underline.

Also many links are indicated with buttons or menus or even dynamic menus.

The style for links in this document is to have the underline appear only when your mouse cursor is on a link you have not yet visited.

It does not claim to be anything other than a minimum introduction to my own preferred tools for website maintenance and a utilitarian introduction to HTML.

If you are not my client, a student, or a charity and find this document useful please make an appropriate donation or select one of the web hosts I recommend since I get an affiliate fee.

If you have the username and password try using the FTP instructions in this manual.