The cool: it’s there, it’s queer and it’s present in many countries – for me this can be a good enough guarantee of quality.The bummer: the number of gay guys is way much higher than the girls, therefore finding your hot date becomes a meticulous research job.

Tips: Try it out and let me know your experiences, I’m curious to know if it really works in Thailand as well!

Honestly, I just googled “dating websites for lesbians in Asia” and this *beauty* came out.

From a first (and last) overview, it looks like a porn date website for guys who are looking for “lesbians”.

We can save you some of your precious browsing time by saying ‘stay away’ from this website, unless you want to hook up with one of the half-naked ladies on the webcams. Do you want to have the “scene” always at your fingertips (a.k.a.

Yep, by now you should already know that finding the girl of your dreams is not as easy as lesbian-themed US TV shows may have led you to believe.

You have probably also found out that meeting a good one night stand is not that easy either, especially if you want to find someone outside of your small circle of girlfriends and avoid dating the ex’s of your ex’s.

On top of that, we all know that girls-who-like-girls are shy animals: they like to hide, they are not quite visible to a normal gaydar (especially after the hipsters became a household label and sexuality became more fluid) and usually they don’t shout out their sexual availabilities (unless they came out from their cave to party hard at one of the Go Grrrls or Vibe parties).

Did you go to one of the queer woman parties or gay friendly bars in Bangkok, but it didn’t help you to find your queer princess charming?

Founded in 2006, this is one of the most famous lesbian dating website in Bangkok and Thailand.