He hasn't made any suggestions of us moving together and so on, so I'm planning to find my own place.However, in the beginning of our relationship I asked him about his plan for life, and it included sharing his life with a nice woman - me.

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If you feel that your relationship is established enough to bring up such a serious topic, you should be able to have an open and free discussion after breaking the ice.

There are many signs that a guy is thinking about your relationship in the long term, which means there's a pretty good chance he'll propose in the future.

But then again, that was back, 4 months ago, when we didn't knew each other well.

Four months is a very short amount of time, in the grand scheme of things.

You don't want him to feel that you're totally dependent on him since he might take you for granted.

Encourage a healthy relationship by living as equals.Many couples are uncomfortable talking about marriage and other commitment-specific topics for one reason or another, but once you've broken through that barrier, you'll both likely feel a big sense of relief.You both deserve to know if your relationship has marriage potential.Check out the list below to find out what to look for.Whatever your relationship status, stay classy and cool when you ask your boyfriend about his plans for your future as a couple.We had a mini-Xmas at that time....tree, gifts, turkey, etc.