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He voted Republican throughout his life, and in 1992, published a book about his life, “A View From Above,” that went deep into his life and his views as a supporter of Republican politics.

Source: Exposay Sheryl Underwood Comedienne Sheryl Underwood is a self-proclaimed and registered Republican.

Rihanna, who has been linked to Drake previously on many occasions, has unfollowed J-Lo in Instagram.

Picture: Instagram Who knew Disney's male characters would end up being the men of our dreams?

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With Color Safe® Vials and Ovals, each pharmacy customer can personalize their prescriptions to help eliminate confusion.Here is a list of some African-American celebrities who have supported or are affiliated with the Republican party: Source: USA Today LL Cool JLL Cool J attended the Republican Convention in 2004 and has been a supporter of Republican New York governor George Pataki back in 2002.He has never officially stated his political party. In 2005, he is noted for stating to GQ Magazine that wants to meet the former president, and “just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him.” Source: Karl Malone Karl Malone, known more famously as “The Mailman,” is a former NBA player and is registered as a member of the Republican party.The singer was previously married to musician Marc Anthony, but the pair split in 2014 and there has been major rumours surrounding the pair.They both confirmed the romance sharing affectionate pictures on Instagram.As the next Presidential election draws nigh in November, the two most popular candidates, Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have been paving the campaign trail.