When I break up with someone I ship them off to an imaginary island where they roam free and make coconut snowmen and live very happy, very celibate lives far, far away from me.

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You might start drunk texting each other and flirting, which might lead to meeting up late at night and having the infamous, you-swore-you’d-never-do-it breakup sex.

For some couples, this could continue for months and months after the official breakup — until someone else comes into the picture.

When it comes to dating, we’re notoriously reluctant to label anything.

We call ourselves a “thing,” not boyfriend and girlfriend (or boyfriend and boyfriend, or girlfriend and girlfriend). We don’t know if one, three or six dates signal the beginning of a relationship — if it even signals a relationship at all — and we never know if we’re exclusive or if we should actually continue seeing other people.

All of that was crushed when it became clear your ex wasn’t holding out for you at all.

Or maybe you didn’t even realize you were holding on to the fantasy until the moment your ex actually got with someone new. You know how deeply connected you once were with your ex, so knowing your ex is feeling that deep of a connection with someone else confirms the fact that you are no longer relevant.That’s when your ex’s focus shifts away from you and to another person.That’s when the definition of “breakup” is no longer unclear.If you weren’t broken up before, you sure as hell are now.During your post-breakup period, it was easy to push your limits with your ex, whether it was with those drunken hookups, calling him or her late at night “just to talk,” laughing together at parties or joking about the silly or embarrassing things that happened in your relationship.If you want to believe that they love you the most, then go with that.