Following the group's name change to Labelle in the early 1970s, she released the iconic disco song "Lady Marmalade" and the group later became the first African-American vocal group to land the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.After the group split in 1976, La Belle began a successful solo career, starting with her critically acclaimed debut album, which included the career-defining song, "You Are My Friend".

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"I mean I do love her and I do know her, but she's got a very big personality and I do too," explained Gibson during the Essence Live interview.

"And I feel like when you get in a relationship, you can cancel each other out.

Gibson speaks on the possibility of dating Henson and his new talk show with Rev. As Jody and Yvette, Gibson and Henson seem to create the perfect on-screen chemistry.

So much so, their die hard fans of the film would love to see the pair together in real life, as a couple.

Despite enjoying her childhood, La Belle would later write in her memoirs, Don't Block the Blessings, that her parents' marriage was abusive.

When Patti was seven, she was sexually molested by a family friend.Genres Most dads want to give their daughters the world; after all, daughters are their daddy's little princesses.Tyrese (Gibson) is no different from most fathers and even though he can't give his 8-year-old daughter Shayla the world, he recently came ...In 2005, the World Music Awards recognized her years in the music business by awarding her the Legend Award.Possessing the voice of a soprano, Her father was a railroad worker and her mother was a domestic. Henson and actor Tyrese Gibson arrive at the premiere of Paramount's 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button' held at Mann's Village Theatre on Decemeber 8, 2008 in Westwood, California. But, it's a new year so could the two finally be ready to take that next step into a full blown relationship?