The cast, which also includes Romeo Miller and Cory Hardrict, is pretty young due to the film being based in a high school so it’s no surprise that they all like to hang out.

But it looks like Keke and Quincy have gotten a tad bit closer based on pictures.

Keke Palmer real name Lauren Keyana is born in August 26 1993 who is a American actress, singer, tv presenter and a song writer, Palmer is originally from the Harvey, Illinois and raised in Robbins.

Palmer first film debut soon started and her family then moved to California to help her achieve her goal, at the same time she also released her debut album named So Un cool in the mid of September 2007 with the help of Atlantic Records but the song failed to chart on the Billboard 200 and disappeared.

Over the weekend Mc Gregor announced that he’d be putting his UFC career on hold to focus all of …

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I respect him for just being my friend, being there as that guy that bring me to the world rather than–I’m not expecting him to be a father. I kinda want him to be there to support my career and stuff like that along the way. I had to explain that ‘this is my pops and I spoke to him earlier’ and he [Diddy] could just not ever understand it. If [Diddy’s] in a situation where he’s taking care of [me]–then [he] thinks okay, ‘what is [Al B. ’ and he asks again, I can only say, ‘Well, he’s not doing much,’ then that’s only going to keep thoughts in [Diddy’s] mind. My baby surprised me’ and it’d be an April Fool’s joke.’ So we did that and it worked.

It was joke [and] a quick spontaneous thought, but it all lined up perfectly. I don’t claim anybody but people I tend to spend my time with–she already know.

Palmar is 21 and she is amazing and beautiful plus sexy for a girl age just in her teens, Palmer has now completely focused in the media and films (movies) and has done many role in different films.

Palmer is energetic and sincere in her work, she is about 5 ft 6 inch talking about height and is perfect in that.

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