I was also lucky to get the first job I auditioned for, and ended up living for six months in Rome. When I was doing Home and Away, I just learned to really appreciate it.

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As well as competing in several Eisteddfods at an early age, Chris has been able to use his gymnastics skills extensively in one of his latest thriller film, Crush. In 2006, he appeared in the film adaptation of Christopher Paolini`s novel Eragon.

In summer 2009 he shot with co-star Amanda Seyfried the movie Letters to Juliet, in Italy, starring other actors like Vanessa Redgrave and Gael Garcia Bernal.

Hollywood Chicago.com: This is one of your first major film leads, a very romantic role and it’s opposite Vanessa Redgrave and Amanda Seyfried.

How did you get the role and did anything freak you out about the challenge?

During his career as an actor, he has appeared in several commercials and even done some modelling but his ability and ambition for acting came when he performed in the Glen Street production of Les Misérables and West Side Story.

Chris has also been trained in gymnastics at the KICK Performance Group in Sydney.

Christopher Egan: I read the script after coming off ‘Kings,’ which was exhausting and completely beat me up.

I read it during a break in Australia, and after coming from freezing cold New York City, the setting was in Italy, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Christopher Andrew Egan (born 29 June 1984) is an Australian actor.