Great to see more of Nance :) I've added the screen captures to the gallery.

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The renewal for this page has recently come to my attention and I've discovered that I just can't afford to keep this page open anymore. Hope you are all well and all had amazing Christmas/New Year celebrations :)I've added some screen captures to the gallery including Jessy's first episode on Nashville and also the teaser trailer for Pillow Talk by Nardeep Khurmi (which should be available soon!!

It's so heartbreaking to say as Just Jessy has been a flourishing flower that has grown and built to be better over the last nine (gosh! This was my baby, the one thing I really loved visiting and making a great place for you guys! ) Also, in regards to The Submarine Kid, it is now available to buy online within the US but will be available soon on DVD and in other countries! Pillow Talk Teaser Trailer Screen Captures x20 Nashville 4x10 'We've Got Nothing But Love To Prove' Screen Captures x178 Hi guys!!

A fading country music star comes into conflict with a rising young star. Status: Completed Release: April 2016 Official | Photos | Watch The Nine Lives of Claw (????

Status: Completed Official | IMDb | Photos Pillow Talk (2016) | Jennifer. ) | Follows the adventures of Claw and his braniac sidekick Edison. On a serious note, I need to thank the entire of Jessy's team and family for helping me in a tough time to keep the site up and running.

Unsure as to how big Jessy's character will be yet but as soon as more info gets released, I will of course let you guys know!! Was so sad to see Nance go at the end of the episode but it was still really awesome. I've added the screen captures to the gallery :)The Lizzie Borden Chronicles 1x04 'Welcome To Maplecroft' Screen Captures x735 I've also discovered some more photos from the opening night of Cinderella that Jessy attended :)Opening Night of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella at Ahmanson Theatre 18th March 2015 x3 All new episode of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles tonight :) The Lizzie Borden Chronicles 1.04 'Welcome To Maplecroft' Lifetime 10/9c Charles Siringo and Nance O'Keefe join forces with Lizzie. But I've found one more still from tonight's episode that I've added with also a behind-the-scenes shot and a still from Falling Skies.

I will be uploading some more screen caps from The Lizzie Borden Chronicles over the next few days and don't forget that Jessy's episode of Major Crimes airs soon! Enjoy :)The Lizzie Borden Chronicles 1x04 'Welcome To Maplecroft' Stills x1 Falling Skies 4x06 'Door Number Three' Stills x1 The Lizzie Borden Chronicles Behind-The-Scenes x1 Last night's episode of Lizzie Borden was amazing!

Forced down a path he never expected, Claw must recover from being cut within an inch of his "lives". A fansite running nine years dedicated to the super talented actress/singer/song-writer Jessy Schram. So great news, Just Jessy Schram will NOT be closing. I have no words for how grateful I am towards them all and will forever be thanking them.

Status: Kickstarter Campaign Donation Official | Photos Shot Caller (2016) | A newly released prison gangster is forced by the leaders of his gang to orchestrate a major crime with a brutal rival gang on the streets of Southern California. Please take a moment to look around and I hope you'll be back soon! This only means one thing: I need to make the website thrive and keep it looking amazing for all you guys!

Status: Post-Production Release: 2016Official | IMDb | Photos The Beautiful Ones (???? A retelling of Romeo and Juliet set within the Los Angeles underworld. Let's start with some exciting Jessy career news: Cinderella will be making a reappearance in Once Upon a Time in the new season six!