One day before inauguration, you sent letters to people asking them to stand up against the legally-elected President of the USA. I am sure that attorneys could easily define your actions as “treason,” Mr. Do you really think women are so stupid as to accept your accusations against Donald Trump without thinking? If you want to help your husband, please learn more about honesty, the Constitution, and laws, and teach him how to be a more honest man, teach him to defend the law and how to respect people–your people– and your country. I would advise you to learn about your own country and about don’t want war.We are thinking about how to rebuild the country, how to make people prosper, get jobs, raise kids, lower crime, erase racism, and improve our education system. This handsome, hunky 6'3" (1.905m) brainiac of a lieutenant governor has done more for the California Gay community than most of the actual Homosexuals here.

Well, in just a few days, someone who embodies our society’s problem with women is getting a new name: President.

Throughout the election cycle, Donald Trump made his disdain for women crystal clear.

When women march on Washington, we’ll all be facing the same direction: forward. Jennifer, it is shameful that your husband, who runs for California governor, does not understand that you are both trying to start a civil war in the country which you are supposed to defend.

I know that if we stick together, we can move our country that way, too. You are lucky because you don’t know what civil war is.

Good education might help your kids learn more about America and the Constitution. Newsom, that your kids will care more about the country and its people and will become politicians who will help their country, not ones who will try to start a civil war.

Gavin Newsom Net Worth: Gavin Newsom is an American politician who is currently the Lieutenant Governor of California and who has a net worth of million dollars. In 2002, his business holdings were valued at more than .9 million.

There are millions of women who know our worth can’t be taken away by any bully, not even one in the Oval Office.

There are men like Gavin, who know that there is so much more to masculinity than belittling the feminine.

American, Politician (Famous from mayor of San Francisco (2003 - present), gained national attention when he issued a directive to the San Francisco city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples)Gavin Newsom is straight. If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush. Scroll down and check out his short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts.