After all, Perry is a devout Christian who often incorporates faith into his movies and television shows.RELATED: Why Rihanna Refuses To Do Tyler Perry Movies “I’m not afraid to have a character say, ‘I am a Christian,” or ‘I believe in God,’ because I think they represent real people on this earth,” Tyler Perry previously said.

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Some Internet detectives then did some digging and found the below month-old photo on Pietro Mourao’s Instagram page.

Mourao, who claims to be a friend of Gelila Bekele, apparently wrote in the picture’s comments section that Bekele is seven months pregnant. that the actor/producer implied Bekele is seven or eight months pregnant.

So even though Gelila Bekele is pregnant, the twosome might decide to raise the baby separately.

“I'm not so sure, with this kind of work ethic, what kind of husband I will be,” Tyler Perry said in May 2013.

She is a stunning Ethiopian model, humanitarian and social activist, who is known for her work with Ford Models.

Till now she has appeared on several ad campaigns like Colgate, Levi's, Pantene, L'oreal and has appeared in Lucky, Allure, Essence, Marie Claire and various fashion magazines.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the wonderful news!

Tyler Perry has spoken in the past about wanting to become a father.

RELATED: Why Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Getting Divorced Now Gossip Cop and E! “He said he had to start getting used to not getting a lot of sleep because his life was about to change in a big way,” the guest said of Tyler Perry.