Sal Stowers (Lani), Alexander Bruszt (Fynn) and Marie Wilson (Summer) are all done at Days of Our Lives. If for whatever reason Johnson can’t reach an agreement with Days, they may have to go in another direction.The characters fell flat just like Lavoisier’s version of Philip. Would they choose a different Philip recast or just write the character out entirely?Prior to relocating to Los Angeles, Johnson appeared in a few commercials and then tried his hand at modeling before landing the role of Brendan on The Young and the Restless.

[Nov 17, 2008] News Archive: Johnson inks a new multi-year contract with DAYS.

[Mar 5, 2010] News Archive: Hennig, Johnson leaving DAYS by spring.

[Apr 7, 2003] News Archive: Johnson set to rejoin DAYS cast in 2007.

[Dec 11, 2006] News Archive: Amid pay cuts, Johnson walks away from role as Philip.

Meanwhile, other fan faves have popped back up on canvas.

Jason Cook reprised the role of Shawn during DOOL’s 50th anniversary celebration.

That’s why everyone was left scratching their heads when Lavoisier was brought in instead of Jay Kenneth Johnson.

It led to speculation that Johnson was possibly offered the chance to make a comeback and turned it down.

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