The pair were reported to be separating only months after the February 1987 wedding ‘Me being 16 and so career-minded, and I knew I had a place at a London dance school starting in September, I said, “Don’t be crazy. Davidson also made sure he introduced Joanne to his mother when she made the trip to Torquay.But unfortunately, Davidson reverted quickly to type.Joanne takes medication for the condition and regularly raises money for the charity Cardiac Risk In The Young.

Jane Nevin, who claimed to have had an affair with the late Radio 1 DJ John Peel when she was 15, admitted she did not tell Peel her age – and that he did not ask.

When he began seeing Joanne, he was still married to his third wife, television presenter Alison Holloway, although press reports at the time suggest they were separating only months after their February 1987 wedding.

In 2009, she and her son were diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, a congenital heart condition that can cause sudden death.

It is the same condition which former footballer Fabrice Muamba suffers from and is particularly dangerous for professional sportspeople.

I've been a fan of Jim for many years and have been to many of his gigs, he always makes the audience laugh a great deal, I recommend you take in one of his gigs as you can't judge him on what is said int the papers, the classic Jim…

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Joanne insists that it was ‘common knowledge’ that Davidson’s marriage was over.

‘Because I was already in the showbusiness world, I fitted in very comfortably.

Joanne remembers: ‘It wasn’t like I was picked up in a bar – he was a genuinely fun and friendly guy, it was a good crowd, and one lady was a dancing friend of mine anyway. There was nothing seedy or untoward about any of it.’They went out for Chinese meals and regularly exchanged small, token gifts.

Davidson presented Joanne with flowers, a ring and a red dress.

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