"He’s not a companion as such but it’s not as if he doesn’t play a similar role.” Head writer Steven Moffat has indicated that the Christmas special will have “a lot of heart…[and] a lot of brain too”, while sometime Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss said the script made him cry. As the BBC has already confirmed, Mackie will make her debut in the first episode of series ten, which is expected to air in late spring 2017.The opening episode is written by Moffat, executive produced by Brian Minchin, produced by Peter Bennett and directed by Lawrence Gough.

have a temporary companion when he embarks on his Christmas adventure at the end of the year.

Instead, the “companion space” for the as-yet-untitled episode belongs to Matt Lucas’ Nardole, River Song’s former assistant who was previously seen with his head atop the body of a robot in last year’s festive adventure The Husbands of River Song.

"We were trying to think up ways to make certain that he was no longer with us," Wells said.

"We wanted to do a little tag where we were at a polo match and the Brazilians would go get their mallets and drop down his head." As to how this development will affect Fiona going forward, Wells was mum, saying, "Hopefully in a really compelling and interesting way, but we just started working on next year with the writers, so we don't know yet." Will you miss Chatwin on Shameless?

“She’s fresh out of jail, she’s getting her ankle monitor off, she’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow,” Rossum tells “She’s, of course, attracted to her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, played by Dermott Mulroney, which is very exciting.

Excellent actor.” Rossum adds that viewers should expect a love triangle and many men in Fiona’s life.

“There are a couple of romances.” As for Mulroney’s character?

“He kind of rejects her initially and, of course, that does not make her pleased.

“I was really happy about that because I had really campaigned hard to bring him back.

I didn’t feel like we had closed up that storyline well.

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