In 1997, she was on the cover of , and as 2000 approached, her unreal, futuristic look was very much of the moment. A stylist told her to lose weight; Dolce and Gabbana turned her away from their catwalk in Milan because she couldn't fit into samples.

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'I used my job to justify my eating disorder,' she has said in the past.

'If you're really good at numbing your hunger, you can mask your emotional pain as well.' Her wake-up call came in 2000 when her boyfriend of two years died of a heroin overdose, and she sought help from a therapist.

'As a teenager, I didn't really have a lot of people who I looked at and thought, "Wow, I want to be you."'The Madchester music scene was something her two older half-brothers were part of, but 'by the time I went to The Hacienda, the glory days were distant memories and the casualties were building up'.

Aged 15, she watched PJ Harvey's Glam-Gothic video for 'Down By the Water'.

'I've been writing songs for years – pages and pages filled with crap, to be honest, but that was my way of dealing with things.

I've always got a devil on my shoulder whispering evil things to me and I'm constantly bickering with that devil, and I think that comes through on the record.'She has had what she calls a Wizard of Oz life: 'Oldham was a grey factory town.“I think we both have a healthy amount of respect for each other and that guides everything.But it’s not without its hard work," the 34-year-old model said. There were times when Jack and I felt, ‘What is happening here? But it’s one of those moments in your life when you realise that you are a grown-up.”“You have a responsibility to your children.Karen was doing well as an ingénue model, with a cover and a contract promoting Clinique Happy, until she met the photographer Steven Meisel.He convinced her to shave her eyebrows and dye her hair an unholy red, and an unconventional icon was born.And in true Nashville style, she's now forging a music career, releasing a folk album .