She eventually forgives Melanie but their friendship is damaged.

Phil continues to belittle Lisa, and on Melanie and Steve Owen's (Martin Kemp) wedding night, Phil humiliates her by saying he never loved her and suggests Melanie give her tips in the bedroom.

Later that year, Phil is visited by a social worker, Derek Evans (Simon Lowe), who says that Lisa has made an application to see Louise.

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Although Michael is a family man, he and Lisa begin an affair and, aged 28, she loses her virginity to him.

but Michael ultimately decides to stay with his wife and the affair ends.

In revenge, Lisa steals a gun from the e20 nightclub and shoots Phil.

He survives and confronts her after leaving hospital but realises that he drove her to it and frames his enemy Dan Sullivan (Craig Fairbrass) instead.

Peggy slaps Lisa for abandoning her daughter, and Lisa reveals she had a breakdown and thought Louise might be better off without her, but the neighbour she left Louise with promised to look after her.

Lisa worries that Phil might hurt Louise physically after Phil has hit Peggy.

He and his son, Dennis Rickman (Nigel Harman), frame Phil for armed robbery and Lisa reclaims custody when he is imprisoned. Several years later, Jack Branning (Scott Maslen), an ex-policeman, tells Phil that Lisa and Louise are living in South East London.

After seeing Louise call another man 'daddy', Phil decides that she is better off with Lisa.

Phil finds her and brings Louise home after blackmailing Lisa with the knowledge that she shot him, and persuading her that she is unstable and an unfit mother.

Phil leaves her standing on the edge of a cliff, and she is subsequently presumed dead.

Wanting to keep Phil away from her child, Lisa and Mark marry, claiming that he is the baby's father.