However, he only ended up making it worse after accidentally revealing that she's one of his co-workers whom he sees on a daily basis.

Suffice to say, the honeymoon was cut way, way short.

Cuoco initially smashed reports of a romantic relationship with Galecki back in October when she also posted an Instagram photo and captioned it that she is sorry to disappoint and that they are just “best of buds”.

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In fact, it probably wouldn't even make it into the top 20.

But that doesn't mean Penny and Leonard's Las Vegas wedding ceremony wasn't filled with love…

After Sheldon (Jim Parsons) refused to give Amy (Mayim Bialik) the proper amount of time to think things over about their relationship, she decided to make the separation permanent by breaking up with him completely.

But given that Sheldon's mother refused to take the engagement ring back right away, odds are this boy genius could still end up getting down on one knee in the future.

Cuoco joined in and said “OK, let’s be honest about what’s going on here.

It was Melissa [Rauch] and Johnny at New Year’s Eve together. Also Read: KALEY CUOCO SHOWS OFF HAPPINESS TO RYAN SWEETING; ACTRESS CELEBRATES CHRISTMAS WITH BIG SMILEPhoto Source: Instagram/kaleycuoco Visiting entertainment sites was a daily activity for Ivy as it was a major stress reliever for her.

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PHOTO GALLERY: Best TV Couples of All Time Amy and Sheldon Officially Call It Quits Those who were hoping to see this dynamic duo reconcile right away were probably very disappointed with the night's turn of events.

The not-so-happy couple returned home and went to their separate apartments, leaving viewers to wonder if this will end up being the shortest marriage in TV history. Bazinga Busters: "We've put this off long enough.