I remember thinking what the f*ck is going on in my head. Alex, from Frankfurt and Linda from Kildare, met in Bayreuth, Germany, through mutual friends on a night out.It was just a week after Linda had arrived in the town to work at the local university.

It wasn't long before the pair developed feelings for each other - and...

Aileen and Aaron, both from New Ross Co Wexford, met while Aileen worked in a cocktail bar one summer, while saving for a trip to Australia, but they didn't actually become an item until she came home the following year.

Fifi recently admitted that she suffered has battled with depression on and off since she was 11.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, she said: “I woke up crying about everything and nothing.

The title track, Bloom Forever, was written about the birth of his second son, Phaedra.

The church of St Mary Magdalene and St Lawrence, the venue for the funeral for Peaches Geldof, is seen in Davington, southeast England April 21, 2014.

Geldof, 25, was found dead in a spare bedroom surrounded by all the paraphernalia of heroin abuse.

She appeared to have taken a massive dose after two years of battling her addiction to the deadly drug, the court heard.

Peaches' widower Thomas Cohen was photographed arriving to the Kent church with their two sons, Astala (three) and Phaedra (four), alongside Fifi's other sister, model Pixie (25).

PR girl Fifi has enjoyed a life away from the spotlight and went to great lengths to ensure that all details of the wedding remained private.

Their embrace follows a Christmas break in Miami, where at a New Year’s party Thomas was pictured on social media soaking in the bath while Daisy was seen from behind in a pair of white knickers.