(Proceeds from the song benefit RAINN, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.) Below, EBONY: speaks with Rahsaan Patterson about the origins of his single. Rahsaan Patterson: The idea to record a song for the organization RAINN was proposed to me, and I thought it was necessary to do.I felt it was important to bring further awareness to the issue.

, R&B crooner Rahsaan Patterson assumed a celebrated underground prominence, right when mainstream music industry fame got downgraded a notch.

In the ’00s, artists’ maneuvers on the web—Patterson’s included—made radio airplay more irrelevant, and their fanbases flourished regardless: think Ledisi, Van Hunt and Amp Fiddler.

And I believe, with a song like “Don’t Touch Me,” I can lyrically speak about what happened and still present the scene and environment—which is a little child’s voice in there, and the different elements of the choral voices that present the cinematic scope.

EBONY: In the early ’90s, Madonna was photographed kissing girlfriend Ingrid Casares and it didn’t affect her popularity.

But when the public discovered George Michael was gay, his sales tanked. RP: Women have much more of a freedom of expressing their sexuality than men do, much more of an acceptance.

We all individually can be as free as we wanna be, regardless of the consequence.One of the things I’m grateful for as an artist is that, even with being able to be honest and expose who I am as a person with such issues as having been sexually abused, I am grateful that my approach to art still possesses that area of mystique.EBONY: It’s a balance that’s hard to navigate these days.In 2008, BET J awarded the singer Underground Artist of the Year.The 38-year-old’s latest statement is more personal than ever.I believe there’s a lot of people that, had that not happened to them, they would potentially have lived a whole other lifestyle.