Urad and Tur dal, priced at Rs 70 and Rs 75 respectively in February 2014, have risen to Rs 160 and Rs 180 this month, he added.

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Dubbing the Congress leader's assertion as a "blatant lie", the RSS swayam sevak said in his petition that a lot of people, including women and elected leaders of the Satra, kept waiting for Gandhi on December 12 but he did not turn up.

Gandhi's claim in Delhi had brought down the image of RSS in society, Bora alleged.

TAKING ON Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the rise in the prices of pulses, vegetables and other essential commodities, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday accused the government of having made false promises and sought a definite date for when inflation will be controlled.

“You may make as many shallow promises as you want but give us a date by when the prices of dal will come down,” Rahul said in the Lok Sabha during a debate on price rise initiated by CPI(M) floor leader P Karunakaran.

On Rahul’s reference to prices of essential commodities, Jaitley said sarcastically, “everybody seems to be going to market everyday”.

He claimed that the Modi Government has brought down inflation and for 18 straight months, the country had seen a negative WPI inflation.

“You are talking about a government (UPA) which left behind double digit inflation and today we have a situation where steps have been taken in each sector to contain inflation.

Any form of bluster is not a substitute for statistics. This is a matter of statistics and not sloganeering,” he said.

“A new slogan is now getting popular in the villages: Arhar Modi, Arhar Modi, Arhar Modi,” he said.