Glass also starred in the cult science fiction series "Firefly" in 2002 and film sequel "Serenity." "Firefly" creator Joss Whedon paid tribute to the actor on Twitter.

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Joss Whedon made a statement on Twitter, saying “He got there with grace, humor & enormous heart. No funeral arrangements have been made public at this time. Ply7Tmg E — Joss Whedon (@joss) November 26, 2016 star Florence Henderson, and Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro.

I was REALLY hoping he could Voice Martian Manhunter some day.

My Utmost Condolences to his Relatives and his Fellow 'Firefly' Cast Members....

In 1996, Glass was cast as uptight history teacher Roland Felcher in the NBC sitcom Mr. In 1999, he appeared in an episode of the sitcom Friends as Ross Geller's divorce lawyer, Russell.

In 2000, Glass began appearances in dozens of television series, including sitcoms such as Family Matters and the series Teen Angel where he played God's cousin Rod. His parents were Lethia Mae Gibson glass and Crump Allen Glass. Ronald Earle Glass was born in Evansville, Indiana.The German chancellor has vowed to do "everything" in support of those affected by controversial ban.A German opposition leader has threatened legal action, saying it could head to the European Court of Justice., Glass was born in Evansville, Indiana, near the Illinois state border and studied drama and literature at the University of Evansville. Glass had a long and full career playing numerous characters on TV.