We see Masonic Blue on a Masonic lapel pin, most Masonic cufflinks, Masonic gifts and the overwhelming majority of Masonic jewelry..to mention upon Masonic aprons and other Masonic supplies.

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Druids: Among the Druids, (wise men and philosophers) blue was the symbol of truth and the candidate, in the initiation into the sacred rights of Druidism, was invested with a robe composed of the colors, white, blue and green.

Blue Lodge: In the United States, lodges are called "blue" lodges.

the celestial clouded canopy that covers each and every one of us. ..light, clear blue of a Summer's day, the dark blue before the storm? Therefore, it is easy to see why the colors blue and gold have historically been associated with Deity (God, G_d, the Creator, the Almighty, the Supreme Architect of the Universe).

..royal blue of a Mediterranean sky ..something in between? We see the colors blue and gold repeatedly in Masonic paraphernalia such as gold Masonic rings with the ring's face or background being blue.

The Talmud has two components: the Mishnah (circa 200 CE), the first written compendium of Judaism's Oral Law; and the Gemara (circa 500 CE), which is a discussion of the Mishnah and related Tannaitic writings that often discusses other subjects and expounds broadly on the Tanakh.

We know that the Jewish Torah is approximately 1700 years older than the Christian Bible.What we do know with authority is that the color blue is a sacred color.Circa 1600s and 1700s: The mantle was originally purple, but varied during the 17th and 18th centuries between celestial blue, pale blue, royal blue, dark blue, violet and ultramarine.Thus, the ephod is essentially an apron-like garment.Tekelet (or Techelet): Albert Mackey, Freemason historian and scholar) notes that the blue of the Old Testament is a translation of the Hebrew “tekelet” which is derived from a root word signifying “perfection.” He develops the idea that blue was anciently, and universally sacred.The Order was allowed to become non-operative for many years, however when Queen Anne came to the throne in 1733, it was re-founded and the color of the ribbon was changed.