Not only are a lot of the former cast members in long term relationships but many of them are actually married with kids.

If you have been single for a long time, I'm sure that you've heard this way too many times to count: "You will find love when you stop looking for it." But that's really what happened for many of these reality stars.

I'm sure it was pretty hard to fall in and out of love in the public eye, but these former Bachelor contestants are doing just fine now.

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The reality star married her ex Tye Strickland, and they now have two children together: Ava and Beckett.

The couple announced in November 2015 that they have another baby on the way.

Thank you to my dear husband for a wonderful, relaxing weekend away for just the two of us in the mountains!

Cute little cabin, lots of rest, & much needed "us" time.

In fact, the franchise has taken a lot of flack over the years for not producing long-lasting relationships. Just because reality TV courtship didn't work out for most of them, that doesn't mean that they are unlucky in love.

There are actually a lot of Bachelor cast members who found love after the show.In addition to Emily's daughter Ricki from a previous relationship, Emily and Tyler welcomed their son, Jennings, in July 2015.Nikki Ferrell found love after moving on from Juan Pablo Galavis.In January 2016, Nikki announced her engagement to Tyler Vanloo via Instagram and it seems like she is on cloud nine. After the whole reality TV thing didn't work out, Ben Flajnik turned to Tinder to find a love match it and actually ended up being more than just a hook up.Ben swiped right on Stephanie Winn and the two have been together for about two years at this point. Ali had a shot at love on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, neither of which worked out, but don't feel bad for her.These two might not have met on TV, but they certainly have the Bachelor connection to thank for their meeting and relationship.