It mortar and great to be here and we were talking to Steve Gutenberg yes we are control. I'm doing great I'm so glad you like that film's great class no not like loved so many movies it's crazy.

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From his old stuff to his new jackass stuff, here are some awesome Steve Guttenberg clips httpv:// v=39z6q Dr9h0I Guttenberg on Tom Selleck’s Mustache httpv:// v=OJo-CZGKb Hw Seagram’s Coolers Co-Founder, Editor in Chief of BC Media Group and all its properties.

We welcome to the show actor Steve Gutenberg how are you.

Good Day anchor Greg Kelly,publicly ogled Gilligan at the time while she was doing a live shot at a water park,called her last day “One of the darkest days in Good Day New York history”.

During her last live shot, Gilligan, who is married to WNYW evening anchor Steve Lacy,called her time on the show an “amazing run”started at the station in November 2012. Anna and her husband Steve are focusing on their career prioritizing future which eventually lead to a bright for their future children.

Some paps apparently recognized Steve yesterday in New York, and he decided to thank them by going nuts on their camera. Then, you know, took a turkey baster full of HGH to the colon.

Her life hit the 'happily married' sign just a year ago and seeing the couple are still together, we can assume that they are literally enjoying each other's company but there are things one can achieve after being married. During a segment about cat adoption, Anna said that she will marry Fox 5 News 10 o'clock anchor Steve Lacy on October 18, 2015 .

Hollywood is a cruel place but luckily in today’s world you can get back at Hollywood by making fun of your own career and self.

This is what Guttenberg has done and I applaud him for it.

So I'm really really fortunate and I just I'm grateful every day and just want.

Everybody stay healthy and happy to share most important thing everybody's they're helping.

It was revealed by the couple, during the Fox 5 network morning show Good Day New York, Anna and her boyfriend Steve Lacy were going to get marry soon.