Even though it’s a twelve-inch disc, the size of an album, as I listen to the rhyming words being spoken—“Singin’ on ’n’ ’n’ on ’n’ on / The beat don’t stop until the break of dawn / Singin’ on ’n’ ’n’ on ’n’ on on ’n’ on / Like a hot buttered a pop da pop da pop dibbie dibbie pop da pop pop / Ya don’t dare stop”—it hits me that this entire side is one long song. Or, to be exact, fourteen minutes and thirty-six seconds of pure fun laid over the thumping bass beat from the break of “Good Times” with sing-along words easy to remember and repeat.

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People disagree about who exactly coined the term but most sources cite Lovebug Starski as the DJ/MC who, in the early seventies, started referring to the house party scene as cultivating a hip-hop culture.

Kids would bring their boom boxes or a DJ would show up with his gear and the party could rock.

Soon folks of all backgrounds in the cities and suburbs of America were on the move like never before, rocking their own parties and heading into the uncharted waters of the 1980s. Ironically—and this is not the only part of the story that is ironic—the three MCs were newcomers who had only performed together as a crew for the first time on the same day as the actual recording session.

To explain how that turned out as well as it did, some background is in order.\n\n Whenever we revisit history or examine the forces that launched a cultural movement, we naturally speak of the heroes who led the way.

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They may appear to come about by accident and more or less spontaneously.After hitting number four on the R& B list and as high as number thirty-six on the pop list, “Rapper’s Delight” became an anthem for a changing era.It was buoyed by the outdoor fitness craze starting up, including skate and surf culture, along with a growing market for cassette tapes instead of records, and the advent of the Sony Walkman and other personal listening devices.In the days and weeks and months that followed, with “Rapper’s Delight” exploding onto the scene, blasting out of boom boxes, car radios, and record stores, pumping out of windows onto the streets, the generational gap showed itself in the marketplace.Before long, the dog-whistle effect had permeated barriers of color and geography and transformed one of the first-ever rap records from a word-of-mouth success to certified gold.Swizz Beatz took to Instagram to share a sweet photo of the date night, where the guys sat around a table with their ladies standing behind them, laughing and smiling in one epic ‘gram.