You are the biggest reason why I allowed that dog into my home.I bought into your theory of poor misunderstood dog, gentle giant, loving family pet, great with children, loyal, snuggly.

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2.) They will give no signals as normal dogs will prior to an attack.

For a pit bull type the fight is for sport so often other dogs, and even people that are very conversant with normal dog behavioral and commuication will think the dog wants to play. 3.) Pit bulls are bred to continue an attack until death, they are in an almost constant state of the equivalent of an orgasm during the actual attack and that makes them impervious to pain and external influence.

It is a myth that their jaws lock but at approximately 250 ft.

Lbs of pressure their bite is extremely difficult to break.

Most of them will live a long and fruitful dogs life and never cause a problem.

But, and this is the big one that everyone actually engaged in real behaviorial research has discovered and pit bull advocates do anything to deny, pit bulls display the following characteristics that make them less than ideal as pets: 1.) They will attack due to the triggering of the pleasure center in the amygdala during an attack.

While you are, to a limited extent, correct the deaths and maulings have been attributed to other breeds of dogs over the course of years those numbers have been remarkably small.

In the most recent statistics available and only sticking to reports that have solidly identified the breed and eliminating all maulings and death by ‘working dogs’ that have been trained to protect property and people (usually employed by the government) you will find that, despite pit bull types constituting about 6% of all the pet dogs in the US they are responsible for a 6:1 kill ratio.

Meanwhile, Stampfel is now suing Converse, the rescue center, the center's owner Tia Torres and the production company that makes 'Pit Bulls & Parolees' for unknown damages for pain, suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress and medical expenses.'Prior to these allegations, Mr.