He had a dreadful picture in his listing, was looking for a woman 20 years younger, his profile started with words, “I just want to see if this site is worth it”, he stated that he was looking for a “partner in crime”, and he, too, was still married/separated.

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But when I asked our female members, they were unified in their response: Find someone your age, who is also married/separated and has kids, and enjoy loving each other romantically all you wish.

If you don’t like how committed Slavic girls are to the idea of family, find a woman who is culturally more suited. If I was publishing profiles of men who make certain comments, no one would take them seriously.

Sometimes people write comments on this blog based on dating advice from online forums or groups.

Let me give you a word of warning about such dating tips.

Point #1: People who are sitting in forums and commenting, teaching others what to do and what not, are not in relationships themselves.

They may have been doing it for years, but Any advice they give should not only be taken with a grain of salt, but if this is what they did themselves, it didn’t work. I sometimes find a discussion online while doing a research for a topic, and I see tons of advice on dating and relationships that is complete nonsense, and would never work. Usually not, especially if I see the predominant trend is geared towards a certain view.

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Anywho – I’ll cut straight to the chase and answer the question on everybody’s mind: Let’s take a look at ‘What Men Secretly Want’ about?

Why should I worry about people blowing their own horn? I am not trying to convince people they are wrong, even though I know 1000 times more about the things they discuss (for example, a forum for western women discussing dating Russian men).

Now and then I get comments on my blog that seem to be making an interesting point, but the position they promote is questionable.

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