Ghana’s past president John Kufuor had a habit of boasting this fact to visiting dignitaries.

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Meals prepared by the wife would be carried to the husband at his maternal house.

Inpolygynous situations, visitation schedules would be arranged.

Now don’t get me wrong I like a babe with booty – but not the size of an elephant.

So if your taste is healthy by western standards you’ll find plenty of pickings without challenging the egos of Ghana’s men.

No– they are genuinely friendly to guys without heavy ulterior motives. In traditional society, marriage under customary law was often arranged or agreed upon by the fathers and other senior kinsmen of the prospectivebride and bridegroom.

This type of marriage served to link the two groups together in social relationships; hence, marriage within the ethnic group andin the immediate locality was encouraged.

Forget the business suit and formal “I’m a very respectable chap who works at Goldman Sachs – let me take you out for a good time” stuff.

Yup, you’re gonna need a bit of that laid back African swagger to pull the very best that Ghana has to offer. In fact Ghana girls are known throughout Africa as being the very best in the continent.

You see Ghana girls are amongst the most friendly women on the planet – and their friendliness is not the creepy “I’ll go to bed with you if you give me your wallet” type.