Many people who’ve written into me have been concerned with the fact that they can’t necessarily afford to take women out on fancy dates; even dinner and a movie is outside of their price-range.Never mind buying flowers and candy, they can barely afford .

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It’s what’s known as a compositional fallacy: some women are only interested in men who have lots of money, ergo women must only be interested in men with lots of money. On the one hand, it instantly excuses any failure a man might have with a woman – after all, she’s just a gold-digging, hypergamous bitch who’s just looking for her next meal-ticket.

At the same time, it’s aspirational: the Horatio Alger idea of the American Dream by way of Larry Flynt and Axel Braun: “If I work hard (or get lucky) enough I’ll be rich and then I’ll have all the pussy I want.” Reach a certain income level and suddenly velvet ropes part, legs open and you’re swimming in the sex equivalent of Scrooge Mc Duck’s money bin.

Black Friday has just passed us by, Cyber-Monday is upon us and the holiday shopping season kicked it into high gear as we celebrate a season of togetherness, friends and family through the time-honored tradition of conspicuous consumer spending. We live in a culture that’s obsessed with money: who has it, who doesn’t and what having it says about you.

It’s a little hard not to think about money when damn near every commercial on TV and email in my inbox is encouraging me to BUY! We have a split personality when it comes to personal wealth.

Someone working a fast-food job, for example, is written off as someone who’s on the lowest rung of the social ladder, one step above being unemployed entirely. Well, you’re in the majority – especially in larger cities – but not having a car is often seen as a mark of someone who is never going to get anywhere in life.

The problem is that too many people take this idea to heart and let it define them.You can afford better clothes, travel more often, spend more time outside of work.There’s no question that throwing money around can attract women.So it seems as good a time as any to talk about money and dating.The idea that you need money to get women is a common one.Money translates nicely to status, so someone with a high-profile job, a flashy car or other external indicators of wealth is someone who has greater access to women than the average peon.