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This night was purely about me and what kind of trouble I was capable of getting into all by myself.

I dared myself: go talk to the super fine dude you’ve been eyeing all night. Let me sum it up this way: he commented on this being his first time at a “cheaper” event and how the “quality of women” was lower.

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From Cosmopolitan and Shape Magazine, to The Wall Street Journal, CBS and FOX.

If Joan Didion advises us “to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be,” Monroe takes this advice a step further and nods at the people she might have become but didn’t. She proves, with enough good humor that you can almost hear her homeys exhale, that you can take the girl out of the backwoods.” —Sara Nelson, “Keenly observed, funny-sad, un-self-conscious.

It tracks a runaway life with consummate control and aphoristic wit.” —Phillip Lopate“Debra Monroe is a terrifically acute observer of the two worlds of women: her mother’s generation corseted in sexual and familial constraints; her own, in which she gathers lovers and addresses that shift with the wind.

Wingwoman or not, I might’ve had better luck at the corner bodega.