No matter how hard you work at your craft, if rumors start to emerge that you’re sleeping with the top talent, it definitely does not make you look very good!

This was also back when John Cena was caught cheating on his wife with Mickie James and he was thought to have also had a fling with Kelly Kelly around the same time. Victoria had an impressive run in WWE before she made the switch to TNA and once again made a name for herself as Tara.

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Some of the identified couples in WWE are John Cena and Nikki Bella, Rusev and Lana, Zack Ryder and Emma, and The Miz and Maryse, Forbes listed.

These romances between WWE stars are expected given that they always travel together with no offseason in sight.

In fact, Hyatt was in a relationship with John Tatum when she was his manager, but that did not stop her from sleeping with Gilbert.

This led to a breakup of Tatum and Hyatt both in real life, and on screen.

In 2015, she left the restaurant in the hands of her husband and close friend in order and moved to California. Alexa Bliss The NXT Diva has already had a mystery employee leak rumors about her and her personal life on social media, and she is also currently dating former Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy.

There are still rumors circulating about Bliss and the amount of wrestlers she has had personal relationships within WWE’s locker room, given that she has only been a part of the company for a little over a year.

Del Rio was fired from WWE in 2014 after a scuffle with a backstage employee, but he was rehired by the company in October 2015 and instantly won the U. Also, there are reports claiming that Del Rio's publicized relationship with Paige is straining his involvement with WWE.

Sports journalist Dave Meltzer said on a recent Wrestling Observer Radio episode that Del Rio and Paige are "getting in trouble" for "taking their relationship public" and posting sweet photos of them together on social media sites including Instagram and Twitter.

Wrestlers also rarely have time for their families which means they often find comfort in the arms of other men, which makes it simpler when wrestlers join the business before they are married or start families.