I can see from the look in your eyes that you are mine. Shoving away the dinner plates, I don’t care who hears us now, “You are my most sinful dessert’ I sigh…. Does she like poetic & colorful innuendo, or graphic dirty words and explicit descriptions?Touch Sensation: …I reach under the white linen tablecloth, my hand slides teasingly slowly up your trembling thigh. One false step in this department can cause weeks of delicate feelings to unravel in a moment.She would show up at the gym wearing skimpy little spandex shorts that revealed a world-class ass, and a skin-tight top that showed off breasts that were so unbelievably perfect that we all assumed she had implants.

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Here is an example of an erotic approach: …my hands find their way to the source of your desire, awakening an almost forgotten longing….

Graphic approach: (….maybe I’ll just let you imagine this one….! It may sound a little clinical, but that’s where the great lovers are separated from the crowd.

Remember, all of the above rules still apply, and a few more come into play. Or she may want to feel through descriptions of sensations.

First, her sense of choice may be different from yours. You may ask her to describe what she looks like, what she’s wearing and other visual descriptions. She may initially prefer one modality, and then another as things heat up.

WOMEN WANT TO BE TREATED WELL The same rules of gentlemanly conduct that apply in life, apply on the Net. They may not be permanent, they may not have the deepest emotional intimacy, but the guidelines for good relating apply to Cyber- Love as well. RECOGNIZE THE VARIOUS STAGES OF SEDUCTION Different rules apply for each stage of seduction . Success comes to the man who recognizes what stage he is in. GETTING TO YES — THE FIRST STAGE OF SEDUCTION The first stage is making contact and determining if the woman is interested in your attention.

Even the most sensuous encounters are still all about creating relationships.

The guys at my gym still look at me with awe, and ask how I managed to nail “Anna Kournikova.” No, I didn’t actually sleep with that unbelievably hot Russian tennis player who is also a worldwide sex symbol.

But there WAS a girl at my gym who looked JUST like her — so much so that we all referred to her (behind her back) by that nickname.

If she feels in charge she’s less likely to become afraid of more intensity.