Prey: A Drama Shark can take on almost anyone, but they tend to prey on more insecure people who feel like being in a relationship, any relationship, is better than being alone, as well as people with a high tolerance for bullshit who can’t instantly recognize the volatility of the relationship.

Prey: Anyone can fall victim, but especially those who choose to be “blind” to certain signals…

What To Watch Out For: They never spend the night at your house …

” “I’m just not ready to be in a committed relationship right now…but I still want to keep doing this.” “Can’t we just enjoy what we have?

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He has idle email and Gchat flirtations with girls.

Level Of Danger: If you’re dating one of these sharks, you’re never entirely sure of your footing.

Prey: Filler girlfriends are often the victims on the flirting side.

What To Watch Out For: Random internet flirting, like “liking” someone’s new facebook picture, texting inside jokes, etc.

Here are five dating “sharks” to avoid falling prey to. These sharks are excellent at camouflage, and able to look and act exactly like a single-person.