Again, many thanks Kind regards Thank you for the great service and information provided, I purchased Aniseed herbal treatment thinking that it would not work.

My mare is what you call a little bit of a live wire.

I will no doubt continue to use you and your company in the future and it goes without saying that I will recommend you to my friends.

I'll get another order in now for September/October ;-)) My vet agrees that, being as they are both healthy, on strict and enclosed grass keep and not subject to any other outside influences that twice a year with this will give them good cover - and he is now going to start pushing other people to order it lol. and thank you once again from the bottom of my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Many thanks for your extremely efficient service.

This is the first time I have ordered online and I am staggered by the convenience, a truly impressive standard has been created by your company, my faith has been restored in modern day qualities.

The reason I purchased Aniseed was purely for her constant coughing, which the vet prescribed a very expensive supplement didn't work).

The coughing has stopped, her marish behaviour has improved. she also suffers colic in early spring so she will definately be staying on Aniseed.

Great advice and I have just noticed they have a donkey worming section to help with the all time confusion question... Excellent prices, very quick delivery and no frills.

I’ll be sure to recommend you to every stable in my area.

I've been worming my horses for 20 something years but with all the new products on the marked I've become a bit confused. I will certainly be ordering my wormers through you in future - having just bought Eqvalan Duo in my local shop this morning I see that you are not only informative but cheaper too!

What a difference in my shetland using Laminshield, he's been on it for about two weeks and he's every bit back to normal!

Now this latter was something our pony was one to stay clear of!!

After today, I am so glad I tried Oxyshot - so I'm not going to sell her - instead I'm going to help her.

Thank you for such a wonderful, fast, friendly service. I just wanted to let you know that I cannot believe what a fantastic service you have over there.